This weekend I am jumping on a plane with my mom and heading out to Sacramento, California! I could not be more excited for a number of reasons. One I have never been to California and two I am going to my cousin Corey's wedding! It has been about 20 years since the last time I saw her. Growing up she was and still is my hero. I wanted to be just like her so bad I would make my mom me outfits to match her all the time.

My cousins are all older than me so when I was a little they were already teenagers and ready to head off to college and other adventures. My cousin Corey joined the Air Force and had to move to California. Got married had two boys and never really ever got to make it back to Montana very much. It will be so wonderful to get to see a hand full of family members after so many years!

We fly out Saturday and come home Monday super crazy fast short trip! The wedding is Saturday night but then we have all Sunday and part of Monday to go play around the town. I have googled different things to do in Sacramento but the list is so long I don't want to panic pick something if there is something that is a must do!

So if you  been to Sacramento please share some ideas with me!


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