What the actual eff.

This is one of THE most disturbing news articles I have read in a while. KOMO News in Seattle reported on it. It came through on my Facebook feed and all I could think of was "as if kids need another thing to deal with."

From what I gather there is an app for cell phones called 'Blue Whale' and it hosts the "Blue Whale Challenge" or "Blue Whale Game." The app apparently originated in Russia (really?) and is basically a 50-day plan to killings yourself. YEP. You heard that right... A 50-DAY CHALLENGE TO HURTING AND THEN KILLING YOURSELF. 

It encourages you to tag friends on social media and Snapchat while you do it. The app also has you give permission to all personal info and then the app uses scare tactics to threaten to show all your family and friends your personal info which basically pushes you through the 50 days to then end your life.

A couple of high schools in Alabama caught wind of what it was and now the news is spreading like wild fire. Which is should.  I'm not a parent of a teenager. I'm not even a parent!  But if I was, I couldn't even imagine. A game. A game that ends a young life. Here is an idea...

How about an app that is a 50-day challenge to loving yourself? It sends you messages every morning about how amazing you are and about how one day you will do great things.  I hate that technology combined with sick twisted minded people are shaping our culture instead of brilliant minds that respect human life and want young people to flourish.

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