What would you like for your birthday? As for me, I'd like what this girl got. She ended up with a surprise visit from a huge elk.

This is a new video share from a girl's birthday party. For reference, there's no indication of where it happened, only that it was July of last year.

The video description adds a very important detail:

We were at a safari park for our daughter's first birthday, when this mammoth of an elk came up to us!

I wanted to include that part because we've had our fill with tourists (wait, I meant tourons) petting, feeding and/or riding wildlife when they shouldn't. This elk was so darn friendly because he's a resident in a safari park. More often than not, those places actually sell food to feed the animals so this elk equates people with a treat.

How many times have we seen tourists do ignorant things when they see wildlife?

I could share 50 other instances, but you get the idea. This sweet girl wasn't doing anything wrong. She's in a safari park. It's her birthday and an elk was being friendly. It's all good.

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