Last summer I planned a baby shower for a good friend of mine and the theme we went with was Alice in Wonderland. I found these wood stools in a dumpster at work and I knew that they would be perfect to stack  Mad Hatter style. Oh gosh were they ever! We put cupcakes and snacks and drinks on them and it looked so cute. After the baby shower was over we just couldn't bring ourselves to toss them in the garbage so we stacked them in the backyard with hopes of one making something cool out of them. Nearly a year later we finally did it!

Cheapest DIY project ever! Stools were free and the outdoor fabric was 50% off and the filling we used is the beans that are in bean bags and they too were on sale! Only thing full price was the spray paint. Gave each stools a few coats of black paint and filled trash bags with the weird little beans them stapled the bags to the stools. Cut the fabric and stapled it on and put some cute lace around the edges it was also on sale! About two to three hours later this is the final product.

My roomie Sarah and I were so darn proud of our skills! The whole project cost us just about $30.00(ish). You can't beat that at all! They may not be perfect but dang it felt awesome to feel like we totally rocked a Pinterest project. Three stools and a table later our backyard looks like adults live there! I just hope they hold up... so far nothing has fell apart. Fingers crossed that it stays that way because I don't think my hands could handle having to use the staple gun again. After a few hours of pushing those bad boys into the wood both of our hands were cramping like crazy. So worth it but I need a break from that gun. Wonder what my next project will be.... watch out Pinterest I am coming for you again!

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