It's funny, when your phone breaks that you remember exactly how it happened. It's like reliving an automobile accident or that time you got pulled over for doing 85 in a 60. You remember exactly the moment when your beloved electronic fell off the counter.  Or slipped out of your hand on the sidewalk or, in my case, when it slipped maybe 1 1/2 feet from my car seat to the curb the other day on the way to work.  Landed face down. Didn't event crack the screen (good news! I thought).  But as soon as I picked it up, I knew she was toast. Ever get into a "how my phone broke" conversation with a group of friends? EVERYONE has a story. It's weird how attached we get to our device.  Maybe not so weird, since we hold them and love them and stare at them all day.

Now, instead of having an annoying red line running up the side of the screen (from a previous tiny bump on something), my trusty Samsung also has a SUPER annoying flashing green/white bar right across the bottom.  My wife yells at me in the middle of the night if I forget to turn it face down when I go to bed. It seriously looks like strobe lights are going off in our bedroom.  Which I guess would be kind of fun under sexy-time conditions? Anyway... It also doesn't hang up calls. So now I carefully wait for the other party to hang up. It gets really crazy when it's automated call, like from the cable company. Oh my Lord, the frustration is incredible.

I usually try to avoid Black Friday shopping. It's simply not my thing.  This year I'm making an exception though, because I really need a new phone. And my local carrier is offering like $400 off.  Can't pass it up.  Maybe I'll see ya in line at the phone store this weekend.

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