We all love to collect silly things right? I get A LOT a of comments about my love of rocks. It does not matter where I am at I swear I can not help but pick up a rock. These rocks in the picture came all the way from Lake Tahoe. Pretty right! At any given time I will at least two rocks in my purse I just can't help it! I was talking with a friend yesterday and I asked her what is the one thing she collects. Her answer was bottle caps. That made me feel better about my rock collection.

I did some research on the top things that people like to collect and rocks made a few of the lists! I knew it wasn't weird. Others that made the various lists I looked at were coins, movies, video games, books, cd's, stamps, dolls, antiques, and marbles. I thought that was about right. Those are all pretty common. A few items that were on the "weird things" to collect struck me as funny. Such as  Santa Claus sweaters, milk bottles, happy meal toys, and rubber duckies. Ok the rubber duckies I can see they are pretty cute. Do you collect anything strange and or awesome?

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