For Weird Wednesday we had folks tell us about the unusual injuries that they had experienced in their lifetime.

We had a lady who poured hot candy wax on her bare foot. I did something similar with juice off of a brisket. That incident allowed me to wear my zip-up beach shoes for a couple of months, in the middle of winter. That was nice.

We also heard stories of unplanned piercings and unexpected impacts.

All of this reminded me of one Weird Wednesday we did that was a similar topic about thirty years ago.

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We must have asked listeners to tell us the most painful thing that they had experienced. And one stands out, even after all these years.

A gentleman called in who was a handyman for a living. One day he was using his table saw and he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. He ended up severing the tips of his four fingers on one hand. He went right to the hospital where they stitched them back on. But they had to put finger width boards under each finger so they would stay in place while they healed.

Now we get to the "pain" part of the story.

A couple of days after getting the work done, he stopped to gas up his pickup. As he got out, he pushed on the window to get the door closed while he gassed up. But his hand slipped and the door slammed on his repaired hand. Ouch.

He was our Weird Wednesday winner.

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