The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is just plain awkward. Especially when Christmas fell on a Tuesday this year.  You get two jacked up work weeks.  No one really seems to be doing any actual work, as all the major decision makers and big bosses are gone till after the first of the year. Therefore nothing gets accomplished.  At my other job, we had to work a half-day on Christmas Eve and will have to work another half-day on New Years Eve.  Pretty much ruining an enviable four day weekend.

To top it off, kids are home from school this whole time, while a lot of daycare's seem to be closed for Christmas break. Talk about inconvenience for parents. I see on my new office calendar (pictured in this blog) January 6th is Epiphany Day. Never heard of it before. My epiphany for 2019 is to work less, enjoy life more.

Next time,


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