Billings' featured Wet Nose Wednesday pet is a total sweetheart.

Bella is around four years old and is believed to be a Black Mouth Cur mix. "A what, what dog?", you might ask. It's okay. We weren't familiar with that breed either, so we looked it up.

Not recognized by the American Kennel Club, says the Black Mouth Cur dog's heritage is somewhat hazy. Some think it came to North America in the 1700s, while others think the dog was bred in Tennessee. Either way, Black Mouth Curs were meant as working dogs and/or hunting dogs and they aim to please.

Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

She loves humans.

Other dogs and pets, not so much. Bella is definitely a one-pet-in-the-house kind of dog. She wants all of your attention and doesn't like to share. She seems quite bright, very playful, and is currently one of the staff favorites at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, said Derek Wulf, Humane Education Coordinator at YVAS. Everybody wants to play with Bella and Bella loves to play.

Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

"Name Your Own Price" continues through October at the shelter.

If the price of adoption has been holding you back from adopting a pet, now the barrier has been dropped. Through the end of October, YVAS is offering a name-your-own price plan. Donate as much as you can for any cat or dog.

Prevent a future shelter dog with upcoming puppy classes.

Naughty dogs sadly have a stronger chance of becoming shelter dogs. And most naughty dog behavior comes from poor training. Obedience, basic commands, curbing aggression issues, and more are so important for healthy pet/human relationships. It begins with training and Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is hosting a Puppy and Beginner Training Class. The six-week class begins November 7th and the cost is $165. You can find out more HERE.

Browse all the dogs, cats, and "mini pets" currently up for adoption HERE. The good news! Oscar, our Wet Nose Wednesday dog from September 22 has been adopted! The bad news? Our beloved old boy Tiger from last week is still looking for his new home.

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