I know it's technically been Spring for a few weeks now, but it's finally starting to look and feel like Spring. Of course, this means that in addition to the warm temps and lovely scenery, dating season is about to kick in full force. Some of us single people might need a bit of a refresher if we want a shot at real romance.

I've been doing a quick survey to get some of the biggest "dating deal breakers" for people and here's what I have so far:

  • Financially Stable - Doesn't have to be rich, but doesn't need me to support them
  • Emotionally Sable - Isn't looking for someone to be their entire emotional support network
  • Clean(ish) Car - Not spotless, but not full of fast food containers and empty cans
  • Manners - Not just how they treat their date, but other humans they encounter
  • Stay off their phone for most of the date - annoying when the person you're with isn't actually "with" you

I'm just getting started, but those are the top things so far. What's your biggest "dating deal breaker"?

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