'Tis the season to buy a huge TV for Super Bowl and then return it! I cannot honestly do that. I have a hard time returning shirts to the mall when they legitimately don't fit or look good. And that's with tags on, receipt and everything! I get nervous and I feel like I'm lying. I get clammy and my palms start to sweat... just me?? So, to the people who buy something with the ALREADY PLANNED INTENT of returning BLOWS my mind. I would probably faint when asked, "what was wrong with it?"

TV seems large scale, I know. Well, I just had someone call the studio and tell me that she forgot her swimming suit on vacation so she went and bought one at Target. Wore it. Washed it and then returned it. GROSSSSSSS. I can't even. And she even told me that when the employee asked "what was wrong with it" she said "didn't fit."

To quote 'Elf', "You sit on a throne of lies."

Is this a normal thing? Do people actually do this often? Do YOU do this?

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