Some folks have a last name that nobody has ever heard of besides their family. I once knew someone who didn't even have a last name. Of course, they weren't born without it, they changed it later in life. But, regardless, there has to be a last name that's much more common than others, and every state is different. So, what's the most common last name in Montana?

Lots of Family Names to Go Through

We all know that last names, or surnames, determine your family relation. However, it's also important to understand the generational significance some last names have. For example, the name Griffin comes from the Welsh name Gruffudd, which means a dangerous or strong person. A more famous example would be Windsor, which has been the ruling family in the United Kingdom since 1917.

But, just because it's the family name doesn't mean that there aren't other families with the same exact name. In fact, the most common last name in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada is Smith. Why is it so common? According to T&K Improvements in the UK, Smith comes from an occupation title. A blacksmith's family would take the last name.

So, is Smith the Most Popular Name in Montana?

Actually, in the Treasure State, the most common last name is Johnson, with 7,706 people carrying that name. Smith and Anderson are numbers two and three on the list. I'm unsure why that's the case. However, it's quite nice to have some variety when compared to the country as a whole.

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Is Johnson your last name? If so, you're among the ranks of those with the most common name in Montana. Congratulations! Now you have something unique you can tell others.

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