One of my best pals was over at my house the other day and he could not wait to tell me about this new app he just downloaded. He usually doesn't get that excited about silly things but he was worked up over this so I knew it would be great. Turns out it is in fact super great! I feel robbed that I had never heard about this app before. Plane Finder. Maybe you have heard of it if so you know how you could waste hours of your life playing with it.

If you have not heard about it boy are you in for a treat. Do you ever see a plane in the sky or taking off from the airport and wonder where in the world they are going? If so then download this now! Basically what it is is a map of every plane in the sky all of the world at any given time. Right now as I am doing this blog the app tells me that there is 11,931 planes in the air world wide. So when you see a plane you can click on it and tells you all the details! You can zoom into any place you want and see how many planes are in the area. Billings, Denver, Mumbai, London you name it you can see it!

The details include where they coming from where they will stop, altitude, speed, course, schedule, google map of where they are at that moment, and what kind of aircraft. It details more but it could take me hours to explain (get it explain...ex PLANE...lame I know haha). I do have to say it is by far one of the best apps I have ever downloaded. I do feel a little creepy but it so interesting to know what and where the planes are going and doing! Here is to wasting hours of life watching other people go on vacations! When I do take a vacation it will be fun to watch my own plane take off and land! Great way to watch for people you have to pick up at the airport as well.

Does it get better than this app? If so what app is worth the download?

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