Don't you wish that there were some places open 24 hours a day? Not that I would wish those work hours on anyone, but for the sake of convenience and because I have been in moments where I thought "you know, I wish ____ was open!" I thought that I would do a poll to find out if anyone else agrees with these OR if you have your own idea, add that too! I won't explain McDonald's, Taco Bell or Starbucks because that's pretty obviously... I'm hungry and really want a vanilla bean frapp!

As far as Ulta and H&M go, here's what I think. Sometimes you run out of makeup or your shampoo or your blow dryer is on the fritz or the nail polish you were going to use that morning is actually dried up because you haven't used it in years or because you finally hate that lipstick and it won't run out and you just need a different shade of pink.... WHATEVER the reason, beauty wise, I have definitely been up at 7:00am thinking "man I wish Ulta was open." And same goes for H&M... the white tank you needed to wear has a stain or shrunk, you have a last minute thing to go to and the only time you have to run and look for something right quick is at H&M. You get the picture. Vote below!


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