I received an email from a guest host who will cover on a talk show:

Look forward to seeing you Thursday and Friday. If you get a minute between now and Wednesday, would you email me any stories about Montana that you find interesting? I don't get the Gazette or Chronicle and don't want to pay!  Thanks.

So instead, saddle an overworked producer with yet another task.  But if I have to do some show prep, let's share with you, along with my 2-cents worth.  What has been going on in Montana lately?

Helena man suspected of threatening to attack Helena Public Schools sentenced to seven and one-half years in prison for illegally possessing homemade bombs, silencer

To anyone doing stuff like this, may I make a friendly suggestion.  While you are engaging in illegal and violent planning, do your family a favor and please have your worldly affairs in order too.

Tim Sheehy is first Republican to use Trump conviction as campaign tactic

This from the Washington Examiner.  Is anyone actually surprised by this?  Trump is galvanizing Republican support and he endorsed Sheehy.  Tim would be a fool to not make hay from it.  As a Chicago Democrat mayor had said, "Never let a crisis go to waste."

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Credit: ChrisBoswell, Getty Images; TSM Media Center

Raffle raises record $56K for mule deer conservation.

This one from the Billings Gazette.  Backcountry Hunters and Anglers gathered this amount by raffling a special "Governor's Tag" for pretty open-ended game hunting.  Reading the headline, since the fundraiser is for mule deer conservation, I had thought the BHA would cooperate with the Mule Deer Foundation to use the funds for habitat preservation.

Silly me, should've read more of the article.  The BHA and the MDF both appealed to the state Fish, Wildlife and Parks for the tag.  They were competitors.  The former chosen over the latter.  Still, the two organizations will play nice in how the money is spent, right?

Don't hold your breath for that one, folks.

There will be more news bits coming tonight.

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