Ok, so I have a lot of kids... so I have a lot of jobs. One of my jobs is real estate. I love helping buyers and sellers find the perfect property or get the most money out of their home.  I'm currently helping an out-of-state buyer who is looking for their own little slice of Montana paradise.

Saturday I spent most of the day looking at cabins and land near Roberts, Nye and Stillwater Mine. Gorgeous country.  When we were diving back to pavement we came across the above scenario. "Stop the car!" I told my partner. I've gotta get a picture of whatever is going on.  Yes, that is a porta-potty.  Yes, it is in a tree.  No, there was no ladder or visible way to enter (not that you would want to??).

I've seen some pretty crazy things in my real estate adventures, but this one is just odd. I don't think it's a hunting stand as it is located right next to the road and near homes.  I have no clue what ROA stands for either.  I totally believe in personal freedoms and property rights, but its stuff like this that makes me think that zoning and HOA rules can sometimes be a good thing.



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