Woke up to see this crap on my windshield this morning... FROST! Not the soft, melty kind that wipes right off, but actual get-the-ice-scraper-its-thick frost. I'm guessing from all the fog around earlier today. Naturally, I have no idea where I stored the ice scraper from last winter. I swear, manufacturers count on you losing them, so you have to buy a new one every year. I resorted to using a broken CD case as my tool of choice this morning.

Other stand-by scrapers include old credit cards or membership cards (they work pretty good for light frost), the top of an aluminum beverage can works in a pinch too.  If I'm really lazy, I'll just use the washer squirters and waste like a gallon of washer fluid trying to "melt" it off.

Happy first day of Fall, btw. Time for fake pumpkin flavored everything, cozy hoodies and darkness. So much darkness as the days get shorter, starting tomorrow. Daylight Savings Time doesn't end until November 4th.

Next time,


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