Have you ever been in a situation where you can't even handle what someone is eating? I am sure this happens to all of us more than we know. Especially being from Montana. We eat some strange stuff.

For example three words... Rocky Mountain Oysters. I remember the first time and only the time I tried them. YUCK! That is a memory that will be forever burned in my mind and taste buds for life.

Anyway where I am going with this is today I saw a lady in the parking lot downtown just sitting in the sun by the ledge getting ready to eat her lunch. As I walked by I couldn't stop and stare. She open a can of Chicken Noodle Soup keep in mind I just watched her open it so it wasn't warm or anything. She then started to drink it! At first I was kind of ok with it because yes the broth is delicious, but cold and not stirred up?! Made me want to gag a little. That is not even the worse part.

She then dipped a cookie into it. A cookie! Maybe I shouldn't knock it till I try it, but dang that was weird! I admit I eat my fair share of odd things. I love cream cheese with oranges on fritos. Sounds gross I know but it really truly is yummy!

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen anyone eat? Bet it doesn't top cookies in broth! Who knows maybe it is awesome and she is onto something.

To each their own right! That is the beauty of taste buds I guess... everyone has a different set.

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