Yesterday I was talking with a friend of mine about Garth Brooks coming to town. She has a little girl who wants to go so bad and if they get tickets this would be her first concert. What a cool first concert! It got me thinking about what my very first show was. After a few hours of trying to think hard it finally hit me.

My very show ever was Toby Keith and Kevin Sharp at the Metra years and yeas ago. The really funny thing is that I remember now that I actually won my tickets from the radio! Not just any station but our sister station Cat Country from the Breakfast Flakes! The more I thought about the more the memory of that show came rushing in. I remember going with my mom and that there were birds inside the Metra. I remember thinking that was strange for birds to be inside of there.

What was your first concert ever? If you could pick someone to come to town who would it be?

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