Ok, full disclosure, this sweet corn did not come out of my own garden.  My buddy grows a couple acres of sweet corn (next to their field corn) every year and he dropped off two big bags of it last week. Then my stepdaughters boyfriends grandma gave us another giant bag full.  We ate what we could fresh. I blanched and froze the remainder.  Yes, it was a fair amount of work. Probably took me an hour or so total to get 4 quart bags of corn that are now in the freezer.  Is it economical? Not really... everyone knows you can buy frozen corn at the store for like 2 bucks a bag.  But local corn is SOOOOO much better. I could eat it everyday.

I haven't had time for my own garden the past couple of years (pesky baby ruining all my fun, lol). But I do have some "crops" that have showed up on their own.  My garlic patch has reseeded itself every season, so I have a pretty good haul of garlic bulbs drying out now. And I have what I believe to be a pumpkin plant that is taking over the compost area where we tossed it out last fall.  I think - and hope - its a pumpkin patch and not something like zucchini.  It'll be a surprise!

If you love fresh produce and are too busy or lack the space and time to garden, get down to the Farmers Market under Skypoint Saturday mornings from 8 to noon.  You'll want to get there early... I stopped by about 11:30 a couple weeks ago and a lot of the sweet corn guys were SOLD OUT!




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