I don't think I've ever heard anyone answer the question, "What's your favorite holiday?" with Labor Day, but maybe we should.  I mean, there are no presents, cards, flowers or decorations to spend money on...no "time honored" traditions to adhere to (other than getting a hell of a buzz and eating food grilled in the backyard), so I'm thinking Labor Day should at least make your top 3.

One of the best things about Labor Day is the grilling.  What better way to say your goodbyes to Summer than by firing up the grill that's about to get stored for months in the garage.  Of course, being on the Go Figure diet means I will probably skip a couple of things, e.g. potato salad, but that's okay...I'll just have twice as many deviled eggs.

One of the great things about this plan is that meat always gets a green light, so grilling up some steaks, burgers or brats cause me no guilt.  I do, however, plan on indulging just a tiny bit since it is one of my top 5 favorite national holidays.

This year, Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burgers are on the menu.  Not only do I love every individual thing that makes up that name, but the burger also features a couple of Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips.  Potato anything isn't really compatible with the diet that I'm doing (40 lbs. down by the way), but having 2 chips on a burger will give me that flavor and crunch without screwing up my progress.

If there is anything that you're famous for, feel free to comment and share a recipe.  I'm a food junkie, so if it sounds good I'll likely give it my best shot.



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