Almost exactly two years ago, Brooklynn Sittner achieved an incredible feat by winning the National Youth Championship in Olympic powerlifting at the age of thirteen. She had taken the country by storm four years before that, being highlighted as a youth prodigy in CrossFit and looking like she was having the time of her life. Now, at fifteen years old, what does she have planned for her future? I got to chat with Sittner and have a talk about her experiences traveling for training and competition, as well as her bond with her father and what she recommends for others wanting to get into CrossFit.

The Experience of Traveling for Queen Beezy

I wanted to ask about Sittner's experience with traveling so much and the people she had met who share the same passion she had, and she mentioned her love for travel and working with some awesome people.

I love traveling in general, and then being able to travel to do something that I have such a passion for. It's pretty awesome.  I do travel a lot to train with people, and I haven't been competing a whole lot lately, just doing training camps with pros to just get better at all the little things, and CrossFit is my main goal. So, it's pretty awesome to get to travel and meet up with so many amazing people and work out and have fun.

Her father, Corey Sittner, is also her coach, and the owner of Yellowstone CrossFit, which is where they both train. Sitter says that having her father as her coach is absolutely amazing and that getting to go to work with her dad helped to grow their already extremely strong bond.

What's Next on the Horizon?

Credit: Brooklynn Sittner
Credit: Brooklynn Sittner

Sittner's main goal is to make the CrossFit Games every year, with the 2023 event taking place in Madison, Wisconsin. However, she has to qualify through online competitions in the coming months, so we wish her all the best in those competitions. You may be seeing her compete as one of the best in the world in August.

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Our full interview with Brooklynn Sittner is below, and you can follow her on Instagram @brooklynn.sittner; her father, Corey, @smashdaddysit; and Yellowstone CrossFit @ycf_trainingcenter or at their website here. Anyone can get into CrossFit, and all Sittner recommends is to just come down to the gym. They're there to help get you started.

Full Interview Audio:

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