I am pretty sure we have all been there. When you mean to say one thing and another happens on total accident. It could be talk to text or just leaving a word or two out. I recently had this happen. The simple word I left out was the word "not". It changed the WHOLE text in a big way.

What I meant to say was this situation was NOT about what he said at all, yet without that small word I looked like a total brat. It went something like "this is what it is about". Ugh. Clearly not on purpose! It should have said "that is NOT what it is about at all"! The conversation went something along the lines of what this relationship is and or could be. Leaving that one word out was a game changer! It made it seem like I didn't care. Remember the days of flip phones when you messed up a text all you had to do was close the phone and it went away? Thanks a lot smart phones for not having that option. This is why we should go back to calling each other! What happened to that? Now it is all apps and texts and pics. On that note auto correct never helps either. Thank goodness I didn't have the combination of both of those working against me. Have you had a situation like this? If so please tell me how you recovered from it!

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