There is an on going battle in our office... A Facebook hacking battle.

It all started with me last summer. Kris left his Facebook open in the studio (which is a HUGE radio no no). Not a "no no" because it's bad but because that leaves the Facebook that is open to be fair game for posting.

I posted on Kris' Facebook page that he hated meat and that he was going Vegan. Ohhhh you should have seen the comments especially the ones from his family! It was too good, honestly. If you know Kris well, he LOVES meat. Steak, beef... all of it. So you can image the shock some people were in.

Now, I am one of the most careful people when it comes to leaving my Facebook open in the studio. But, Kris was looking for an opportunity to get even with me and one day I slipped and he did. He posted "I just found out that pickles are made from cucumbers!"


I know this but wouldn't ya know I have hundreds of friends commenting "really??"... This now clarifies that my friends think I'm an idiot. Kris got me good with that one, I give him that. Fast forward about 10 months to last Friday. Kris left his Facebook open in the studio and OBVIOUSLY I had to take advantage of the opportunity!

I posted a picture of granny panties (which Kris HATES the word "panties" FYI) and there were kittens all over them. I was laughing so hard that I was crying and many of our coworkers had the same reaction! It was TOO funny. Kris however didn't catch the humor.... sour pus! But, he got the last laugh today because I apparently left my Facebook open. Here's the thing though, I don't know WHICH COMPUTER! Darn....

Here was the post, "There is nothing feminine about feminine itching... HELP!"

I hadn't been on Facebook so my phone was blowing up with text messages from friends. First of all... GROSS and second.. pretty hilarious. I'm not sure if it was as good as the cat underwear but touche Kris, touche.

Have your coworkers ever hacked your Facebook?

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