We have all had a job that you don't really look forward to going to. When you find the perfect fit for you it is wonderful. I have found mine for sure. I can't even tell you how much I love and adore all of these people. We are a great team. When you find the place you should be is such a great feeling! I have never worked for a better company and with better people than I do now.

It blew my mind when they asked me what kind of birthday cake I like... never worked for anyone who even acknowledged birthdays. Then the first time a company pot luck was being held I had no idea even how to take that in! Talk about team building! So today we had a pot luck (seems like we do it at least once a month and I love it) oh man did our team bring their A Game! So many soups, chili, chips and dip, and more! I think it is really important to be close to those that you work with. They are family. Pretty lucky girl for sure! On a side note Kris was late so he is not in the picture haha

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