Would you believe that at almost 65-years-old, my Mom has never been pulled over by a cop. Like... ever?? Well, this last weekend, she did - right here in Billings!

She was following behind my husband in my car. I was at a station event and they were all coming to get me. The light turned yellow and Mom realized she had to make it through the intersection to keep up with my husband (my parents are from Oregon so she had no idea where she was going). Well, I will say in her defense that yellow lights here are MUCH shorter than Oregon. But, wouldn't ya know that there was a cop at the intersection, too!

So, Mom got pulled over. She told the officer what happened and he was really really nice to her about it, especially because she was driving my car! He let her off with a warning and that was that.

FIRST TIME IN HER WHOLE LIFE!!!! I can't help but laugh a little that it was while she was visiting me and in my car!

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