I have to be honest from the get go. I am not a cat person at all, but then I found Mikey. He is a five year old little nugget of weird. When I first saw him I was sad because of his age and he didn't have a home. I thought about him all night. The next day I found myself filling out the paperwork to take him home. Ugh. I already have two dogs so the last thing I needed was another thing to feed and keep track of. Yet I couldn't let him stay in that little cage.

Once he got home he was so full of spunk it was unreal. To see him go from so sad in that window to jumping on everything, and messing with little things like the blinds was awesome. I didn't need him but I am so glad I got him. He seems to be pretty happy now! It made me think about all of the other animals that are at the shelter who just need a home and to be loved. So if you are looking for or want a fur baby this is the way to do it. Best choice I have made in a while for sure! He loves to snuggle and he talks like crazy. I swear he says "I Know, maybe and noooooo". I will ask if he knocked something over and that is when I hear "maybe". It is pretty cute. Plus he already came litter box trained and knows that outside is scary, so I don't have to worry about him running away.  Rescues are they way to go. They need a great forever home. There is a bunch of babies who need a home. Check our local shelter for your next best friend.

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