Story time:

A few days ago I was walking back to the station from the Brew Pub at lunch time. I'm half way through the cross walk and this guy... I kid you not... looks me up and down (it was so freaking obvious) and then lets out a very vocal 'damnnnnn.'

Yah. No joke....

First off, he was incredibly unattractive. Second, if he would have been it wouldn't have made a difference. GROSS. Cat calling women is the epitome of nasty to women. Am I right?! I couldn't even believe it... Like his whole entire body was into it and all I could think was (as I kept walking) DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? I honestly felt like I needed to take a shower.. that's how gross feeling it was.

Why do guys do that? Walking by us, driving by in a car, at bars, IN A CROSS WALK?! It's not like we turn around a say 'hey baby, whats up?' I have a sneaky suspicion that dudes think that will actually happen!! It's the only reason they do it, I'm sure!

You don't see women walking around cat calling guys. That's would be weird. BUT here is a video of women doing it anyway to prove a point! Enjoy!

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