One of the best things about Billings is how pretty it gets during Fall. One of my favorite places to drive down is Lewis Ave. The stretch from first to about tenth or so is always so dang colorful. Our studios are on the 23rd floor of the Double Tree downtown so we have an amazing view of town year round. As soon as the trees started to change it was unreal looking. Looked like a painting. Now it is pretty brown but at the time it was amazing!

Fall is perfect for so many reasons but top of the list would have to be clothing. I love sweaters, leggings, boots, scarfs, etc. It is perfect for rocking the comfy look and I dig that! Plus Thanksgiving! I have a thing for left over turkey sandwiches. Wish I wouldn't thought of that now I want one! Bring on November and all of its fall awesomeness! Another reason is snuggling up watching tv! Point being I love fall haha

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