See this cupboard? Does it look like someone just shoved everything in there randomly, with little thought?  Of course it does! Because this is how my kids put stuff away when they're cleaning out the dishwasher.  The cupboard that really drives me crazy is the one that holds all the baking dishes.  I have the two sides of the shelves split into round cooking glassware on one side and the square/rectangle pans on the other. Because they stack better. Do the kids follow my super-easy system? No.  No, they do not.  They prefer to make a haphazard stack of square and round dishes, with other random items just chucked into the cupboard for fun. In fact, it's usually an adventure just opening that cupboard because you never know what's going to come crashing out. I've told them a hundred times, "SQUARE AND ROUND DO NOT MIX!" to no avail.

I once found my pizza cutter shoved into the saucepan shelf, instead of the utensil drawer with all the other sharp, pokey stuff. A rubber measuring cup was found by the stack of plates.  I still haven't found my potato masher thingy. The second one to disappear in the past year.

Thanks, kids, for half-ass doing your chores. I wish you could focus on the dishes as easily as Fortnite. If your kids are sucking at chores this week, bribe them with an offer to bring them to the Family Life Expo this weekend at the Metra if they get all their stuff done. It'll be fun.

Next time,


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