Are you ready to start getting your orders delivered by drones?  Amazon just showed off the latest details of their Prime Air delivery drone.  They want to launch delivery service with the drone in "the coming months" but not much information is know about where it would take place or how many customers it would serve during the trial period.

At a conference in Las Vegas, Amazon’s consumer worldwide CEO Jeff Wilke showed off some features of the drone including thermal cameras, depth cameras, onboard computers, sonar, and more.

The goal once Prime Air services are functional is to have drones that can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds in less than 30 minutes.  Amazon says 70 to 90 percent of items purchased are under that weight limit.

How soon will we see drone deliveries?  Amazon did first announce plans for Prime Air back in it's taken a while just to get to this point.  But it seems like they're not far away from beginning delivery in some areas.

Watch the short video below to see some of the crazy technology and safety features that are being used for the Amazon drones.  It's pretty cool.

Will these be dropping packages at our door soon?

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