Lately, I had been getting ads on Facebook about the fairly new TV series, "Yellowstone" by Paramount Network. Working in marketing, I am always curious why I was selected to receive an ad on the web because good digital marketing means that nothing you see should be by mistake, but by design. The new season is premiering on June 19 which is part of the reason why I was seeing so many promo’s. I finally succumbed to one of the ads and watched a 10-minute recap of season 1.

I instantly knew I had missed out on something fantastic, so I started episode one. I couldn’t believe that this was a story set in MONTANA! Montana?! I thought that we kept everything quiet about this place so that no new people moved in and knew what we all get to enjoy?

Well….that is exactly what the series was about – keeping out new people. You also have the real politics and issues that we all know about when it comes to who actually claimed this land first and has the rights to it. I am avoiding that subject on purpose. You can watch the series and discuss that with your best debater buddy. If you want to debate any other aspect of the show, I'm game.

Within the first 30 minutes of the first episode, I was texting my mom telling her that I knew I would be hooked and that this was going to be an incredible show. She needed to watch it. But then I had to change my tune after a few more episodes:

Text Conversation - Kat

What I love most about this series is that it actually is pretty simple. You have a family that has worked hard for what it has and the major drama actually is inside the family itself – we have all experienced that. Also, I love that each of John Dutton's offspring has their own complete and different personality. My favorite is Beth – she is my hero in so many ways. Again, if you know me, I love when a woman can walk into a room and completely own it no matter what the typical white male has to say to or about her. Beth is this bomb!

I also felt like it was about time that we had a really great Western that was not super complicated, yet had a modern story and was not based on some famous person in the wild west. Really…how many movies are they going to make about Billy the Kid because no one will ever play him better than Emilio Estevez in Young Guns. This felt fresh to me, simple but catchy, and I loved hearing all the tidbits and references to Montana. I kept going, “Yep that is true” or “Ha! I totally get that!”

Season 2 comes out on June 19th and you can watch it on Paramount Network’s app or on Vudu. See the trailer below to get a glimpse at what is to come. Can John and his family actually keep a hold of the legacy that so many advisories are trying to take from them? We will find out soon!


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