If you've been tuned into our show since we got back from our vacation, you have probably heard that I went back and watched all four seasons and have become a fan of "Yellowstone".

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It stars Kevin Costner (for those of you who don't own televisions) and it is filmed primarily in western Montana. So if you've spent any time over there, you will occasionally recognize some of the places they are shooting.

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And it's so popular, it has a prequel spin-off out called "1883", with another sequel coming soon about the 6666 Ranch in Texas.

I have never considered myself an actor. Even though my classmates will tell you how I essentially hijacked the whole show when I starred as Helen Keller's brother in C.M. Russell's Theatre Workshop rendition of "Miracle Worker" in 1981.

But I want to be on a couple of episodes of "Yellowstone". I'm just not sure where they would work me in.

The qualities that make me hard to cast in this particular series include:

  • I can't rope
  • I don't own a cowboy hat
  • I don't know the first thing about riding horses

Although, one of my strengths would suit me well on the show -- the Duttons seem to get into a lot of shootouts. And I actually own my own lever-action rifle. So at least in those scenes, I would bring some credibility.

Wait a minute. I've got it. Yellowstone needs a car chase. And I don't much care if I'm being chased or doing the chasing, I want to do it. I might even have some speeding experience on a couple of roads over there.

So, look for me on TV. Just keep me away from Beth Dutton.

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