With the arrival of the new season of Yellowstone, Montanans are pointing out the (blatant) flaws of the show. 

It's no secret Hollywood inflates reality when producing entertainment for us. But people in Montana very much dislike the TV show and LOVE to bash it on the internet. I personally think it's comedy to hear what people in Montana say about this dramatic TV show.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

A sub-reddit is going crazy over Beth Dutton‘s Bentley.

Beth is the daughter of a wealthy rancher now Governor and she will do pretty much anything to protect her family. She's violent and sassy. P.S. Do not play the video below while at work... Beth has the mouth of a sailor, just FYI. 

 The sub-Reddit title says: “Driving a Bentley in Montana when there are zero dealerships in the state. How does Beth get it serviced? (wrong answers only) 
The comments on Reddit are gold. If you’ve never seen the show (understandable), then you may be lost in this. The reddit thread is about Beth’s character in the show that has me cackling. 

Here’s the responses I deemed to be the best comedy I read all week.  

  • Beth on the show would just berate the car until it serviced itself.”  
  • “The helicopter mechanic services it while Gator feeds the rest of the family breakfast.” 
  • “She just forgets about the servicing part like she forgets about her hairbrush.”  This comment had me spitting my water out I laughed so hard. What is up with her messy hair all the time??  
  • “Rip stares at it until it changes its own oil!”

Or takes the car to the train station...

And my favorite answer of them all:  

  • “She drives into the local Ford dealership, cleavage on display, gives the service desk manager a pouty smile and let's him take in the view of her cleavage. He hits the emergency service button at which time every mechanic and sales weazel runs into the service area. They all just kind of replace those Bentley parts with Ford parts and the ones that don't fit, they just hammer them until they fit.”

Yes, absolute comedy gold!  

Credit: Nikki Vega
Credit: Nikki Vega * I bought this at a shop in downtown Billings because duh- Beth is insane.

Check out the entire comment section here. I had a good chuckle today and I hope you do too. 

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