If Jane Austen, author of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, had been a screenwriter for Sex and the City, we would have Bridgerton.  This lavish Netflix series, with an alternative history of Britain, is based on the books by Julia Quinn and had completed its third season this last June.

So did you discreetly binge each season to follow the romantic tensions of the Bridgerton siblings as they navigate high society and scandal?  Did you root for Penelope Featherington?  And who is Lady Whistledown, the author of that time period's tabloid paper?

Are you a big fan of Bridgerton?  Let's find out.

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Bridgerton Trivia Questions

1. Penelope Featherington crushes on the boy-next-door Colin Bridgerton. At a ball, he cancels a dance with another young lady and escorts Penelope to the floor after the lady does what to Penelope? Spills wine on her, steps on her dress hem, or elbows her in the face?

2. Who is the star of Sound of Music and Mary Poppins who narrates the story as Lady Whistledown, author of a newsletter on society and scandal?

3. Siena Rosso has a steamy relationship with eldest Bridgerton son Anthony. Siena is an entertainer in what field: Ballet, Equine, Opera or Trapeze?

4. True or False: Francesca Bridgerton forms a connection with John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin that baffles others because they seldom talk.

5. Anthony is set to marry Edwina but tells Kate "You are the bane of my existence, and the object of all my desires." True or False: Edwina and Kate are cousins.

Credit: Catherine Kay Greenup, Unsplash
Credit: Catherine Kay Greenup, Unsplash

6. Old regency country homes were used for filming Bridgerton. The actual staff monitored which scenes to protect the property from damage? The Dance scenes, the Garden scenes, or the Sex scenes?

7. Anthony panics when what insect lands on and stings his lady love Kate?

8. Bothered by the scandal sheets, Daphne Bridgerton fakes an attachment to whom: Simon Bassett, Will Mondrich or Theo Sharpe?

9. How many siblings are in the Bridgerton family, the children of Viscount Edmund and Dowager Viscountess Violet?

10. In this story with an alternate history of the UK, Charlotte is the Queen and married to whom, an actual King of England with a mental illness?

Scroll down for the answers.

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The Answers

1.  Spills Wine on her

2.  Dame Julie Andrews

3.  Opera

4.  True

5.  False.  Their last name is Sharma, and they are half-sisters.

6.  the Sex scenes.  According to IMDb, the staff has commented "Can you go easy on the bed?"  "Go easy on the bedpost, please."

7.  Because his father died from a sting, Anthony panics over a Bee.

8.  Simon Bassett

9.  Eight.  Fans of the show know this by heart.

10. George III

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