You may have heard the news that a Chinese researcher has claimed that he has successfully altered the genes of twin baby girls. He also claims to have done the same thing with 7 other couples, who he has not identified.  He says that he was able to modify their genetics so they twins are now resistant to HIV, smallpox and cholera. There is plenty of skepticism in the scientific community, as his work has not been peer reviewed or published in any major medical journals.

Part of me thinks this is awesome. Imagine the possibilities! Some day in the future you could have your baby totally customized, disease resistant and super healthy. Heck, you can probably even choose your babies eye and hair color! Imagine the potential for good.

The other part of me thinks that messing with human embryo's is a little too much like playing God (and a little too Nazi-esque, being able to create "perfect" children). They also say there is also a good chance that once we start messing with babies DNA, it could create some really bad genetic problems down the road.  The whole thing kind of smells like a science fiction film going horribly wrong. In the future, will your baby come with a NON-GMO sticker?


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