Alright... I've got two opinions on this story. First, you don't get to edit someone's clothes because you don't like the message. However, it's picture day for the year book, maybe dress up a little? Like I don't know... try to care? I get everyone gets to do what they want but if I were a parent (Trump supporter or not) I would make sure my child at least has a nice t-shirt or even a button up on! Come on!!

Question though... What is the funniest or worst thing you or someone you know wore for yearbook pictures?

KBUL Newsroom - Students and their families are reportedly upset that quotations and 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign logos and messages emblazoned on their clothing were photoshopped out of yearbook pictures at Wall Township High School. Superintendent of Schools Cheryl Dyer sent a letter to parents on June 9, saying she was investigating the matter, saying there is nothing in Wall’s student dress code that would prevent a student from expressing his or her political views and support for a candidate for political office via appropriate clothing.

The school’s dress code does prohibit references to illegal activity such as use of drugs, alcohol or weapons. The families want the school to issue new yearbooks with the original photos and quotes, saying this is a First Amendment, freedom of speech issue. Dyer said the school administrators were not involved in the alterations.

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