Either you love them or hate them. Have them or want one and or frown at those who have them. I am talking about tattoos. As of a few days ago I now have eleven of them, but if you were to look at me you wouldn't know. Mostly because of hoodies and shoes. Just last weekend I got a new one with my best friend. It is a sloth don't judge haha.

We actually have three matching tats. Are they all awesome.... no (one may or may not be a tad terrible) but they are memories. Wonderful memories of concerts and trips and a crazy Saturday night. That is the cool part about putting a moment on your body I think. Each one has a story behind it and I dig that. Well at least mine do! My mom on the other hand does not like that I sometimes get ink. Today was the first time she got to see the new piece. Oh. My. Gosh. She was not a happy mama! Only because I didn't tell her first I guess. Keep in mind I am 31. I guess moms never stop being moms and that is wonderful. Even if they ground you for things that you have been able to do for last 13 years. The more I looked at it the more I thought my mama was right. Ooops. Guess point being tats are awesome but moms are always right! Yet still a great memory.

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