Oh boy. Time for step-kid number three to take Drivers Education.  It started this week, with the parent meeting on Monday night. And it was a packed house at the Laurel High School library.  A room full of eager 14-year-olds and mostly nervous parents.

I've already gotten two of my step kids through the licensing process, relatively painlessly. Normally, we would have already had some "practice" drives out on the middle-of-nowhere roads, like the back roads from Laurel to Molt. I haven't had any time to practice with kid #3 yet, mainly because it's winter and the roads suck.  By next week, he'll have his learners permit though, and we can start practicing together legally, which is probably the better idea in the first place.

It's funny how much my kid can apply himself when it's something he really wants... like a license. I've never seen him take learning anything so seriously before in his life. He's like, "I'll keep the manual with me in my backpack, so if I have a few extra minutes at school, I can study." I wish he would apply himself so diligently to the rest of his education. Happy driving!


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