You know you are an adult when super little things just tickle you to pieces. I am just about a month in of living by myself. So bills and mail and what not could have been in any of my roomies names or mine. Most people would not be excited to get bills.... but oh my gosh was I ever thrilled!

Sounds dumb I know, but the last place I lived the utilities were not in any of our names so I had never had the pleasure of receiving the envelope with the little window and my name in it! I just got my first one and I totally bounced around the idea of keeping it. By that I mean framing it. Just kidding. No I am not. I still do feel like someone should have warned us about this adult thing. Yes it was exciting to feel so adult, but then reality set in. Crap I have to pay this! That got me thinking about other things that suck about being an adult. Boy did I come up with a list. Rent, car payments, making your own appointments, feeding yourself, picking out our own clothes, etc. The List was super big haha yet there are perks! Like picking your bed time and ummmm well like...driving and voting! Point being I wish someone would have told me growing up is a trap! Still pretty excited about the mail not going to lie. I am sure it gets easier as you get older right?!

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