You know you are an adult when a new yard is the highlight of your week! We have a couple dogs at home and they have been pretty hard on the yard for the past few years.Between digging holes and walking the same paths everyday our poor yard looked so terrible. So now it is getting a total make over!

New grass and new spots to plant! The guy who has been working on the yard is amazing. Just the other day when it was raining cats and dogs he was a trooper and still continued to work. I felt so bad for because it was so cold so muddy. If it was me who had to do it in that mess I think I would of cried!

Needless to say it is almost done and I couldn't be more excited! I feel like such an adult picking out rocks and stepping stones and things to plant! Now comes the hard part of not letting the dogs mess it up again. I will be watching them like a hawk!

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