Heck yes this is awesome! In October Applebee's sold dollar Margaritas and now they are doing it again for the whole month of December. This time around it is $1 Long Island Iced Teas! This is wonderful for so many reasons! One they are a tasty treat, and two you can't beat a drink special like that!

Incase you don't know what is all in a Long Island let me fill you in. It is a mix of vodka, run, gin, tequila, triple sec., and sweet and sour mix with a splash of cola. Yep that is a lot of booze but so worth it. They said each drink will have 1.5 ounces of hard alcohol in each drink. It is only available for December so cash in on it while you can! You get the $1 deal all day so start early or go for dinner either way they are only $1! Plus with a price like that you can be an office hero and great pal and treat your friends to a couple rounds!

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