Not only are Jimmy Johns subs freaky fast but tomorrow, May 2nd, they are also going to be freaky cheap! It's Customer Appreciation Day and this is the best way to celebrate!

Don't worry, I've already called all the Jimmy John's here in Billings and they are all participating! But there are a few disclaimers before you start getting crazy:

  • One sub per person.
  • You have to order from menu items #1 - #6. If you want something outside of that then you have to pay for it!
  • 4pm - 8pm is the magic time. Don't try and order at Noon and expect it to be $1.
  • You have to go INTO the store. Subs will not be $1 if you want it delivered.

JJ's locations here in Billings:

122 N. Broadway

West End
805 N. 24th Street West

611 Hilltop Rd

Shiloh Crossing 
4011 Montana Sapphire Drive

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