Here at KISS we are very passionate about Ramsey Keller and what they do for families around the state. I personally have had the pleasure of helping out with different events that help raise money to help them out. The Northwest Drifters have and always will be a huge supporter of RKM. Proud be apart of it and call them my friends.

Kris and I have been apart of a handful of events with them and we have seen what they can raise in no time. They have another event coming up to help out RKM. 2nd Annual Ride For Heavens Sake Bingo Run. All the details can found here

Summer has decided to show its face again! You all know what that means! Come on out and help the drifters raise some money for this awesome organization. 50/50 is always a big hit along with some other great prizes at each stop! Plus you get to hang out with the drifters all day! The weather is in our favor, so grab the sunscreen and shades and join us on this run!


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