Tuesday Nothin’ to Lose Day- The New Morning Mix with Michael and Nikki give advice to a woman in Billings who wrote them a letter asking for a bit of help. 

We got a letter from a listener here in Magic City...uh oh. Someone wants our advice?? Okay, here we go.  

Credit: Nikki V. + Canva
Credit: Nikki V. + Canva

The letter states:

“Hey Michael and Nikki,  

First off, love the new show. I listen every morning. I would like to remain anonymous. So please don’t say my name.  I was wondering if you guys are good at advice? Or maybe can help me get a jury on this problem I have... 

My husband doesn’t love his job. He makes good money, but he’s always “bored” and he thinks he wants to try something new.  That being said, we have a job opening for our sales department and he thinks he would be really good at it. And so, do I. He would rock this position.  BUT, I’m a bit worried about having him be in the same office as me. I feel like we will get sick of each other, but I also feel he would be great for this company.  

PLEASE help me figure out if this is a good idea or not.  

Thank you,  


Credit: Michael and Nikki
Credit: KKBR The New Morning Mix with Michael and Nikki

Nikki: "Thanks for tuning in! I think you should go for it. Try working together and see if it works out. If it doesn’t work out then he can find something different here in Billings. You won’t know until you try, right? Especially if he's making the same money as the old place."

Michael: “I think it’s an awful idea. My wife and I joked about her coming to work at the radio station, but I didn’t like the idea. This is MY JOB, not hers. It gets me away from the chaos and it’s my happy place.”  

For the reader: Do you work with your spouse?  What advice would you give this Billings resident?  

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