Spring is finally popping in south-central Montana and while things look a little lot rainy for the upcoming weekend, sunshine will be back soon and lots of us will be heading to the mountains. After a really long winter, most of us can't wait to get back into hiking, hunting for mushrooms, and enjoying the scenery in the Custer Gallatin National Forest. 

A favorite spot south of Red Lodge is closed because of a bear.

The extremely popular Greenough Campground Area, 13 miles south of Red Lodge has been closed by the Forest Service, effective 5/9, due to an aggressive grizzly bear in the area. The bear has reportedly been spotted around Greenough Lake, where it is believed to be gorging on dead winter-kill fish on the lake. The closure also affects the Parkside Trail area. The closure is temporary and wildlife officials believe the grizzly bear will move on.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Okay, so maybe it's not "aggressive."

KTVQ shared a report Tuesday night (5/9) with a ranger who clarified the bear was acting in a defensive manner - not aggressively - because humans were approaching its area; a natural behavior. The official added that the bear was being monitored, but they were not considering trapping or euthanizing the grizzly at this time.

A Black Bear is looking out of a Forest in Canada
Also, not the actual bear. Credit: heckepics / GettyImages

Be animal aware as you head out this spring.

Bears are hungry and out and about, and so are moose. Both can get a little aggressive if you get too close or stumble onto them. Remember to make lots of noise, and carry bear spray. Montana FW&P offers tips in the video embedded above, or learn more HERE.

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