Valentine's Day is great if you're in love.

For singles, it sucks. Despite what many may believe, Valentine's Day was not invented by the Hallmark company (in collaboration with De Beers and Godiva). No, no. This "holiday" of love goes back much further in history.

A mishmash of Roman mythology and Catholicism.

Like most of our major holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween) Valentine's Day is believed to be a mix of the Roman pagan holiday Lupercalia and the early Catholic church's attempt to "Christinize" the day with Saint Valentine. breaks it down more HERE.

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Graphic by Velvet Cravings, used with permission
Graphic by Velvet Cravings, used with permission

No dude? No problem.

Ladies, single or not, are invited to a fun Galentine's Day party at Velvet Cravings on Thursday, February 9th. It sounds super fun and space is limited to about 20 women. The Event posting on Facebook is hilarious too,

Put on your party pants and shimmy on down to Velvet Cravings Studio. This workshop is like none other! We will, of course decorate cookies. But also eat delicious appetizers, AND drink like Beth Dutton (Yellowstone reference).Games and a chance to win a ton of prizes.

Other important details include:

  • When is Uteruses before Duderuses: Feb 9th
  • What time is Fries before Guys: 6:30 pm
  • Where is Ovaries before Brovaries: Velvet Cravings Studio, in between Soup and Such & the Nut Shack
  • How much is Hoes before Bros: $35 per person, plus one bottle of your favorite booze (it's for a game).

Velvet Cravings owner Antonia Craighill told me that guests are encouraged to dress as famous gal-pal characters from TV or movies for additional chances to win some great prizes.

Google Street View
Google Street View

A great excuse for a night out.

You don't have to be single to enjoy this fun night, but you do have to be a woman. It sounds like a really good excuse for a girls' night out, sans kids/husband/boyfriend/etc. You can find out more HERE.

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