Oregon and Colorado were the first states to decriminalize psilocybin (Aka mushrooms) and authorized therapeutic use.

After watching Fantastic Fungi on Netflix, my mind was plagued with many questions. If you’ve never seen this in-depth documentary about mushrooms and how fungi can be used to treat an array of things, I highly suggest you watch it. The trailer is below.

I know several people who micro-dose mushrooms to combat depression, PTSD, and even drug addiction. It seems to help these individuals immensely. But it’s definitely not for everyone… I love shiitake mushrooms, portabellas, and all sorts of mushrooms- yummy!

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I thought mushrooms could only be used as a party, psychedelic drug?

Well yes, but also no.
Yes, because people have been experimenting with mushrooms since the 60’s to “open their minds” and “to feel more connected with nature.” Native peoples have used this “plant medicine” for hundreds of years.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

So does this mean you can go out in a forest, or a cow pasture and pick mushrooms to have a psychedelic trip?

No! Some mushrooms will kill you if ingested.
Fungi is powerful stuff, and you have to be absolutely sure which mushrooms are actually edible and which can put you into liver and kidney failure. It’s still illegal to ingest and posses psilocybin in Montana.

So should Montana legalize mushrooms or decriminalize them?

It’s a subjective question for sure. Conservatives seem to think they would be no help, while liberals think they could help with mental health. Montana legalized cannabis, but it might be many years until we see Montana decriminalize psilocybin.

People on the Montana sub-reddit had many opinions.

One Montana veteran said that he micro-doses mushrooms and even had one psychedelic trip that changed his life into a more positive mindset. Other Reddit users think kids will get into the mushrooms, so keeping them illegal is the way to go.

I personally use Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules that are legal and sold at whole foods stores like Natural Grocers.

Lion's Mane mushrroms help with focus and energy level, plus when I remember to take one, I feel calm. It takes the edge off my hard days much better than a beer or cocktail. But that’s just me. Do your own research and don't be afraid to ask questions to the right people.

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