Pretty much all of us have our phones on us at all times. Rather you are checking emails, Facebook, Tinder, playing games, or just checking the time they never leave our sight. Think about what panic you go into if you cant find it or it is going to die. It is kind of sad we spend so much time on those things.

Today a coworker of mine told me about this app that encourages you to put the dang thing down and focus. I know sounds a little silly because it is an app and is on your phone haha but it is really neat! It is called Forest and the concept is pretty neat. This app provides a solution to help kick the phone addiction. So you planet a seed in the forest. In the following time the seed begins to grow into a tree. However if you pick up your phone and do anything with it your tree dies. It withers away. It is a wonderful way to stay self-motivated and focus on what you need to be doing instead of goofing off on your phone. Plus no one wants to kill a tree! If you get the app they actually give back to mother nature and plant a tree! Double win... less time on your handheld device and you helped make the world a little greener.  I just got it a few minutes ago and can't wait to see if I can keep my tree alive. Side note you can pick how long you want to not touch your phone so it is not like you can't touch it all. You can pick 30 minutes to a couple hours. Not going to lie I am starting small haha Pretty interesting way to make people beat the phone addiction. I like it a lot!

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