Well hello there cosmic beings of Billings, Montana!

After arriving in Big Sky Country,  I felt a great need to explore the stars and planets with you... it's called Big Sky Country for a beautiful reason right?

Each week I'm researching what the stars and planets have in store for us and putting it all together right here for you to check what is happening for your Sun Sign.

What is a sun sign?? It's the zodiac sign you tell everyone based on which month and date you were born.

But did you know you also have a Moon Sign, and a Rising Sign???? Probably not! You actually have an entire astrology chart which basically shows you where the constellations and planets were the moment you were born.  It's pretty fabulous if you ask me.

That's why I'm here to help you figure out what your chart is and how to read it. That being said, check out what this week's Astro report is all about for you and your sun sign.

We will get into the Moon and Rising signs in the coming weeks.

But for now, here are your horoscopes for this week September 19, 2022.

Astrology with Nikki

I use the stars and planets as tools to help navigate life in Big Sky Country. Check out your sun sign here!

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